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How To Get Started

We encourage you to call our office to schedule an initial appointment. There is no charge for this meeting, and these conversations are always confidential. Prospective clients usually regard this as time well spent.

We start by listening to you as you describe your plans, concerns, and financial circumstances. After hearing from you, we describe how our services may apply to your situation, explain how we are paid, and review what is required for a good working relationship.

The issues you raise at the beginning of the meeting direct the discussion that follows. Typically this includes an extensive intake, where we gather detailed information about your financial situation. Most initial meetings last an hour or two.

Usually we schedule a follow-up meeting to present any recommendations we may have for you. If you decide that our services are a match for your needs, we guide you through the investment process step by step.

At Niehaus Financial Services, these first meetings are only the beginning of our long-term working relationship with you. As your situation changes and you grow through different stages of life, we will help you manage your investments as you aim to reach your financial goals.